Management Team

Ricky Bika

Director of Project Management


Career History

When and why did you join Bond Davidson?

I joined Bond Davidson in 2008 as a gap year student from the University of College London. I returned to university after 1 year to complete my course in Project Management for Construction where upon completion I had no other desire but to re-join Bond Davidson to develop and take my career to the next level. I have never looked back since!

Do you have a career highlight?

One of my earliest career highlights I can recall include the handover of one of my first ever projects which I managed from inception to completion. I developed great relationships with members of my project team and seeing the smile on my Client’s faces was truly fulfilling and made every second, minute, day and year working on the project worthwhile.

What keeps you motivated?

The challenges which are brought about by the projects I manage on a day to day basis certainly keeps me on my feet along with aspiring to meet every one of my Client’s expectations. However, one of my biggest motivators is being able to physically see something being built which was once an idea and then developed into a design. The motivation comes from being involved and contributing to a common goal and witnessing designs coming to life.

What keeps you busy on weekends?

My family try their best to keep me busy on weekends and after a hard week’s work. You’ll either find me at the gym or in the attic glued to my PS4. However, with the impending delivery of my first offspring, I doubt I’ll be able to hide anymore!

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