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Gareth Herring

Director of Project Monitoring


Career History

When and why did you join Bond Davidson?

I joined Bond Davidson in 2014, having known Malcolm and Matthew professionally for over 10 years. I always thought with their personalities and work ethics, along with the many mutual clients we shared, it would be a good fit; and so it has proved.

What did you do before Bond Davidson?

I have been extremely fortunate in the 25+ years I have spent in the industry to gain a full and varied range of experiences. Whilst my first QS employment was with a construction company, the time since then has been spent with professional consultancies of varying sizes. I have worked for practices in Poole, Singapore, London and now Esher. I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor who has spent the last 13+ years specialising in project monitoring work, 4 of which were as a partner for a specialist consultancy and 3 running my own consultancy. I have been involved with many developments, of all shapes and sizes, and the experiences gained thus far set me in good stead for providing balanced advice.

What keeps you motivated?

The great thing about our industry is that no 2 projects are ever the same. Whilst it is almost certain that you will work with similar teams on similar projects; the challenges are always different and all experiences gained, good or bad, become invaluable for future advice given. The main reasons behind me joining Bond Davidson were their strong belief in professionalism, embodied by their huge commitment to employees obtaining Chartered status and desire for excellence. I joined a growing organisation that continually seeks to improve, as should we all.

What keeps you busy on weekends?

My two young daughters do their best to ensure there is rarely a dull moment! I tend to collect my thoughts during a run through the countryside; and whenever I get the opportunity for a selfish moment or two, try to catch up on a bit of sport.

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